Hot Tubs

Enjoy your own private retreat where warm water and soothing jets allow you to relax and connect with what matters most. Whether it is for health reasons, sore muscles, improving sleep or spending time with loved ones, a hot tub can greatly improve you quality of life. Let the professionals at Leisure Pool-n-Spa help you imagine your new life with the hot tub of your dreams! We have a large variety of spas to choose from with over 45 models and more than 100 different color combinations to choose from. We have a large showroom with over 15 spas on display in a variety of sizes and colors. We have some spas filled with water, hot and ready to test soak.

You can make reservations to test soak a spa after hours or during hours call 509-783-7150.

Leisure Pool-n-Spa represents the two largest spa manufacturers in the world

Hot Spring Spas and Sundance Spas

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